The Team

senior woman taken to the ambulanceThrough perfect coordination and real-time communication, we make it all possible. Med Care EMS is less about mere promise and more about YOU.

Med Care EMS is a team of nationally-registered Paramedics and Transfer Technicians, and professional staffs coexisting together to carry out transfer solutions to diverse needs. We cater to facility transport, Non-Emergency patient transit, conveyance for hospital visits, and medical appointments to pediatric and geriatric clients. It is through experience and constant ethical practice that we continue to be applauded for what we do. Our EMT are highly-trained, experienced, and insured.

The team operates with a synchronized pace from planning to implementing, inspecting every detail, monitoring every intersection until we come up with the right plan that’s flawlessly superb. We use modern technology to our aid for on-time dispatch of carriers plus a Global Positioning System monitoring to track each vehicle. We’ve got out team on watch at every mile of service we take.

So book your next trip with us today and experience the difference from the exceptional team of Med Care EMS.

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Dispatch: 770-710-1373