About Us

In the field of Medical Transportation, time is the foe we have to befriend at the expense of protecting every client’s welfare. We know that simply taking you there is not enough. Your comfort aboard and your guaranteed safety are factors that we know, we have to pay cautious attention into. At Med Care EMS, we promise you the best of both and more.

Med Care EMS is a team of nationally-registered Emergency Medical Technician and professional staffs coexisting together to provide the best service. We cater to facility transport, Non-Emergency patient transit, conveyance for hospital visits, and medical appointments visit. It is through experience and constant ethical practice that we continue to be applauded for what we do.

In line with this, we own a fleet of remarkable transport vehicles armed ready with all the necessary healthcare equipments to support ambulation with room available for other attendants.

Our Mission Statement

The Med Care EMS team is committed to high-quality care on the road and by your side. Safeguarding your safety is our aim. Getting you to your destination on time is our mission.

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front view of an ambulanceside view of an ambulanceambulance being parked outside